A Fairytale Ending for Three Little Pigs Stuck in a Pen That Was Always Flooded

The pigs had been confined to a perpetually flooded pen in the woods of Norfolk, Virginia.

PETA said its fieldworkers visited the pigs regularly to give them clean straw bedding and nutritious food, but there was no relief from the rainwater that filled their makeshift pen.

Eventually, their owner agreed to let PETA whisk them away to a new home. So now they get to enjoy the holidays at The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary & Rescue in North Carolina.

The pigs have been exploring open fields, foraging for food, splashing in a pool, and dining on seasonal treats like fresh pumpkin.

“These three little pigs are living happily ever after in their new sanctuary home,” says PETA’s Daphna Nachminovitch.