DeVonta Smith declines to be weighed and measured at the Senior Bowl

Former Alabama DeVonta Smith is small. How small is he?

No one knows, at least for now.

Smith declined to be weighed or measured at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. He’ll do it instead at the Alabama Pro Day workout. (He easily could gain weight by then; it’s unclear how he could gain height by then.)

Alabama lists Smith, the 2020 Heisman winner, as 6’1″ and 175 pounds. Which means that, in reality, he’s shorter and lighter.

And none of it matters. He plays football at an incredibly high level. No one who drafts him will say to themselves, “We didn’t know he was short and skinny.” What matters is that he’s explosive and electric.

So if someone doesn’t want to draft Smith due to concerns over his size, someone else will. Maybe someone in their division.

Smith also won’t be taking part in any on-field sessions, due to the finger injury that he suffered during the national championship earlier this month. Before he exited early in the third quarter, Smith had 12 catches for 215 yards and three touchdowns against Ohio State.